VSS Dance Recital 

VSS Dance teaches dance as a performing art.  No matter a student’s reason for enrolling in dance classes, whether for serious dance training, physical development or recreation, our goal is to give all students the opportunity to perform in one annual recital.  Therefore, it is assumed all students will participate.

If a student chooses not to participate, there is a non-participation form, attainable only in the studio office, which must be signed and turned into the studio before September 1.

Showtime 2019

Our 34th annual recital will be on Sunday, May 17th at 2 pm with a dress rehearsal on Saturday the 16th. Our recital and dress rehearsal will be at Carl Perkins Civic Center, 400 S Highland Avenue. Please mark these dates on your calendar and be prepared for a full and exciting weekend.

Recital and Costume Fees

There are expenses associated with the annual recital.  The amounts and dates of your automatic debit payments are listed below.

50% debited September 15
50% debited October 15

  • Pre-School I and II, Primary I: 1 costume @ $55

  • Primary II: 2 costumes @ $55 each

  • Grades 2-3: 1 costume per class @ $55 each

  • Grades 4-7: 1 costume per class @ $65 each

  • Grades 8-12: 1 costume per class @ $75 each

Pre-Pointe (Grades 4-7), conditioning and acro classes are non-performing classes and do not require a costume.

Debited November 15
$80 per Family